Boost Your Bedroom Performance with This Plan

couple kissing

By Dana Leigh Smith

It’s easy to do, and it makes your time between the sheets more enjoyable.

It’s well documented that exercise can ward off disease, improve mental health and aid weight loss efforts, but it can also improve erectile and sexual function in men, a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reports.

Although studies have noted the relationship between better sex and exercise before, African-American men were not included in the research. In fact, the current study is the first to link activity levels to improved sexual function, regardless of race. To come to this finding, nearly 300 study participants self-reported on several aspects of health: activity levels; quality of, frequency of and ability to have erections and orgasms; and overall sexual function. The data revealed that those who partook in at least two hours of weekly strenuous exercise (such as running or playing basketball) had higher levels of sexual function than participants who were less active. Men who completed three and half hours of moderate exercise (like brisk walking or weight lifting) or six hours of light exercise reaped the same benefits.

So here’s your game plan: Hit the gym two to six hours a week for hotter sessions between the sheets. Just make sure your exercise program is tailored to your individual abilities since you can reap the same bedroom benefits at a range of fitness levels.