Burger King Adding Hog Dog and Corn Dog Options to Menu

hot dogs

By Dana Leigh Smith

Whether or not they’re weight loss friendly, hot dogs and corn dogs are practically synonymous with summer.

And now, thanks to Burger King, you can also get your favorite cheat-day meat no matter what your day brings! Well, if you happen to live in Michigan and Maryland, at least. Those are the two states currently testing out BK’s new menu items. (No word yet on when or if the additions will be extended to all nationwide locations.) Customers have four different Grilled Dogs varieties to choose from: a mustard, ketchup, onion and relish-topped Classic; an onion ring, cheese and a BBQ sauce-smothered Rodeo; a Chili Cheese dog; and an A1 Ultimate, which comes complete with bacon, cheese and–you guessed it–A1 Sauce. There is currently only one type of corn dog on the menu, and it’s available for less than a buck fifty. Hot dogs range from $1.99 to $2.79.

Nutritional information has yet to be released for any of the items, but Sonic's corn dogs and hot dogs serve as a good gauge. Those range from 230 to 420 calories, with the Corn Dog being the least caloric pick of them all. So if your idea of having it your way is indulging a little while still slimming down, stick to the Classic Hot Dog or Corn Dog.

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