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Eat This at McDonald’s

The fries are just so damn tasty, aren't they?

Eat This at McDonald’s
Restaurant Guide

Eat This at McDonald’s

The fries are just so damn tasty, aren't they?

If you're anything like us, you know that an occasional stop at the Golden Arches can be a nutritionally-sound option—as long as you make the right picks. You don't have to banish McD's from your meal plan altogether as long as you have our exclusive calorie-saving swaps by your side. Here are the strategies you need to enjoy the infrequent drive thru stop without bringing your hard-earned rapid weight loss to a screeching halt:

The Top Swap at McDonald's

Can you wind up with a calorie-overloaded meal when you order off the Golden Arches' menu? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean there aren't perfectly acceptable and healthy options in the mix. Craving a classic chicken sandwich? Here's our inside trick on satisfying the craving without stalling your slim down efforts. Click here to slash 160 calories and 13 grams of fat.

What 8 Diet Experts Eat at McDonald's

What do Ronald McDonald and dietitians have in common? They’re “lovin’ it”—the Golden Arches menu that is. Before you call our bluff, hear us out: Not only is this true, we’ve got proof—in the form of eight diet experts’ go-to picks. They looked through the McDonald's nutrition so all you have to do is read the list and place your order. Click here to see their slimming selections.

McDonald's is Making a Big Change

The chain recently announced that they will stop purchasing chicken that has been treated with human antibiotics. They plan to fully phase out the meat within the next two years. Currently, the animals raised to make their nuggets, crispy chicken clubs and other popular poultry-based dishes are given commonly-used human antibiotics to keep them healthy and make them grow more quickly—both factors that help keep meat costs low. Click here to find out why this change is such an industry changer.

7 Fast-Food Meals Under 350 Calories

We understand that life is hectic and fast-food meals are inevitable. That's why we created the runaway bestseller Eat This, Not That! back in 2007. Want proof? Here are 7 fast-food meals with fewer than 350 calories—updated with new additions for 2015. Next time you’re in a bind, opt for one of these meals and banish excess calories for good. Click here to plan your not-so-sinful indulgence.

McDonald's Might Cut Your Favorite Menu Item

Nutritionally speaking, the world-famous burger baron has come a long way in the past few years. The Golden Arches’ diversified their offerings, honing in on lower calorie options like coffees, salads and wraps. On the financial front, however, things aren’t looking as great. The growing menu only contributed to their declining U.S. sales which have been making headlines over the past few years. In the fight to remain fast food king, McDonald's plans to cut at least eight of their foods items and 11 of their 16 value meal offerings from their menu. Click here to reveal which items are getting the ax.

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