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Target's $5 Wine is the New Two Buck Chuck

california roots wine

By April Benshosan

Getting boozy on a budget is now easier than ever.

Sister supermarkets Aldi and Trader Joe’s have been monopolizing the cheap wine market with their varied selection of reds and whites and TJ’s renowned Two Buck Chuck—until now, that is. Target recently announced that it’s launching its own brand of affordable wine called California Roots. And it looks like the omnipresent discount store is about to pose some competition to Trader Joe’s beloved brand (which isn’t even priced at $2 anymore). How so, you ask? Bottles of California Roots Cabernet, Red Blend, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Moscato are planning to hit 1,100 Target locations as soon as September 3rd. It gets even better: each bottle will be priced at a cool five bucks, so oenophiles everywhere will be able to get tipsy off tasty wine without breaking their budgets.

“We’re out to give our guests even more reasons to love Target—including exclusive products they can’t find anywhere else,” Jeff Burt, Target's senior vice president of food and beverage, shared in a statement. “And we think they’re going to love California Roots—these wines are just the right blend of incredible quality and amazing value that guests can only get at Target.”

We’re guessing that, whether you’re wine amateur or a sommelier with a hound dog's sense of smell and impeccable ability to scope out your vino’s cedar undertones, you’ll likely love this wine. And we can’t wait to sip on a glass or two… or three. Or maybe even experiment in the kitchen and try our hand at these 5 Tips For Cooking With Wine.


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