Is Water Overrated?


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PAY WITH CASH! When shoppers use credit cards, they buy more unhealthful “vice” foods than they do “virtue” foods.

Huffington Post: Is Water Overrated?

"A quick google search of “bottled water” turns up over 23 million results, including “best of” lists. There’s even the first-ever water sommelier at Ray’s & Stark Bar in Los Angeles that boasts a 44-page water menu. Thousands of years ago, God instructed Moses to hit a rock in order for water to flow through the desert. Today, just look around any office, sporting event, or simply any busy city street and you’re certain to see people sipping or gulping from water bottles or Nalgenes. They’re “snacking” on water. Given the choice between water and virtually every other beverage, water is the healthier option. And the explicit desire to make healthier choices is stronger than ever in the minds of consumers. But how much water do we really need to drink?" Click here to read the full story.

WSJ: Fitness Philosophy of an Executive Producer of ‘The Simpsons’: What Homer Wouldn’t Do

"When you’ve spent 18 years writing jokes about Homer Simpson, you realize you don’t want people making those same jokes about you. 'I’ve seen a lot of writers turn into Homer Simpson over the years,' says Matt Selman, an executive producer of 'The Simpsons.' Instead of always thinking about doughnuts, Duff Beer and Krusty burgers, Mr. Selman is always thinking about his next workout. 'Fitness culture is enthralling to me,' says the 43-year-old. 'I get sucked into online articles with tricks for getting shredded. The key to me is finding a balance between my obsessive 40-something midlife crisis narcissism and just feeling good.'" Click here to read the full story.

Science Daily: Busy Americans can reap health benefits by balancing protein intake throughout the day

"Research has shown that eating more protein can support weight loss and prevent weight gain by boosting metabolism, increasing feelings of fullness and helping the body retain muscle while losing fat. However, many Americans are not consuming enough protein in a balanced way to achieve these effects. University of Missouri researcher Heather Leidy and her colleagues conducted a review of the current scientific literature on protein consumption and found that a moderate increase in protein consumption at each meal, balanced throughout the day, can lead to significant improvements." Click here to read the full story.