Panera Bread Plans to Drop a Long List of Ingredients

panera bread

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CINCO DE MARG: Choose a margarita on ice that's made with fresh lime juice instead of bottled mix. You'll save calories, but still get the salty-sweet kick you crave from this seasonal sip.

NY TIMES: Panera Bread Plans to Drop a Long List of Ingredients

"Acesulfame K. Ethoxyquin. Artificial smoke flavor. The first, an artificial sweetener; the second, a preservative; and the third, a flavor enhancer, are just a few of the ingredients that Panera Bread wants to banish from its kitchens by the end of 2016. In doing so, Panera would join the growing ranks of food companies and restaurants that have announced plans to eliminate a variety of artificial preservatives, flavors and colors, as well as different kinds of sweeteners and meat from animals raised with antibiotics, in response to consumer demands for transparency and simplicity in the foods they eat." Click here to read the full story.

WSJ: Playing Two Different Sports Does a Mind and Body Good

"There’s a lot of value in doing other sports that are seemingly unrelated, says Jordan Metzl, a sports-medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. 'Mentally, it helps to mix things up,' he says. 'Physically, if you do the same sport or movements over and over, you risk injury or weaknesses in other areas.' Boxing and tennis require similar skills, such as quick reflexes and fast footwork. He says boxing builds a strong core and upper-body strength that can only improve one’s tennis game. 'No matter what sport you do, cross training will make you feel better and keep things fun,' he says." Click here to read the full story.

REUTERS: Fitness Fashionistas Strut Their Stuff in Studios, on The Street

"Workout clothes have gone high-tech and fashion forward. Trendy fitness studios, slimming fabrics and social media have come together to tailor a generation of workout clothes that are stylish, workout-specific and versatile enough to go from exercise to errands without breaking a sweat. Miami-based fitness instructor Jessica Smith credits social media with creating a generation that wears its workout on its modish sleeve. 'Now it’s a badge of honor to wear a crossfitter wrist band or a cyclist’s tight pants.' Helena Cawley, chief executive of SWEATSTYLE, a personalized shopping startup for active wear, said yoga pants are the new denim." Click here to read the full story.