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Cadbury Creme Egg

SCIENCE OF US: If Your Exercise Routine Isn’t Making Any Difference, You May Be a ‘Non-Responder’

"First, let’s get the bad news out of the way: If you’ve been plugging away at the same workout for what seems like forever and you still aren’t seeing much of a change, there’s a good chance you never will. And it’s not for lack of effort, or because you’re doing it wrong — it’s just a quirk of your own unique biology. As the New York Times explained earlier this week, there’s a name for that in exercise science: 'non-responders,' people seemingly immune to the beneficial effects of a given workout." Read full story.

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PEOPLE: Oreo Cadbury Creme Eggs Are Now a Thing and the Internet Can’t Handle It

"Those in Canada and Britain are particularly excited (and lucky) because it’s been revealed they’ve had access to Oreo-flavored Cadbury Creme Eggs (!) for more than a year. The news broke when an Instagram post from Junk Banter calling the eggs a '10/10' went viral, causing Americans to again consider a mass exodus toward our neighbors to the north (or across the pond)." Read full story.

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MEDICAL DAILY: Does A Vegetarian Diet Make You Sexier?

"As the adage goes, you are what you eat, but what does that mean for those who choose a diet completely void of meat? In a recent article, Psychology Today investigated some of the strangest rumors surrounding a vegetarian diet, and what it does to both your health and sex life." Read full story.

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