Your Day in Health: Drinking From This Is Like Licking the Toilet Seat

HuffPo: Reusable Water Bottles Have The Same Amount Of Germs As Toilet Seats

"Researchers tested 12 types of water bottles to see how many germs were on each lid and the results were shocking. According to the researchers, the average bottle was covered in 300,000 colony-forming units per square centimetre (CFU/sq cm) — that's more than you would find on your dog's favourite chew toy! And the worst offender — slide top bottles — have a whopping 933,340 CFUs. Toilet seats, by comparison, have only 3,200 CFU per square inch." Read full story.

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VICE: The Pope Is Taking Homeless People Out for Pizza

"Under instruction from Pope Francis, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, who is responsible for distributing the Vatican’s charity money, has been organising the excursions since the start of the summer." Read full story.

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SCIENCE DAILY: Believe It Or Not: Exercise Does More Good If You Believe It Will

"People benefit more from exercise when they believe it will have a positive effect, new research indicates. A psychologist and his team have conducted a study demonstrating that test subjects derive more psychological as well as neurophysiological benefits from exercise if they already have positive mindsets about sports. Moreover, the team provided evidence that test subjects can be positively or negatively influenced in this regard before engaging in the exercise." Read full story.

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