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Your Day in Health: Recall Alert

MIAMI HERALD: Almost 132,000 pounds of frozen chicken recalled due to plastic found in the patties

"The five-pound bag of Foster Farms frozen breaded chicken breast patties declares the food is “100% natural.” As that doesn’t include the plastic three consumers reported finding in the patties, Foster Poultry Farms recalled about 131,880 pounds of the product, according to Thursday’s recall notice." Read full story.

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SCIENCE OF US: Skipping Workouts When You’re Stressed at Work Will Just Make You Feel Worse

"When you’re dealing with a ton of stress at work, it can be tempting to skip your evening exercise class and instead opt to drown your sorrows in some wine. But according to a new study, you might not want to skip your workout when you’re feeling overwhelmed, since being fit is actually the key to combating stress-related health risks." Read full story.

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NY TIMES: Americans Blame Obesity on Willpower, Despite Evidence It’s Genetic

"Researchers say obesity, which affects one-third of Americans, is caused by interactions between the environment and genetics and has little to do with sloth or gluttony. There are hundreds of genes that can predispose to obesity in an environment where food is cheap and portions are abundant. Yet three-quarters of survey participants said obesity resulted from a lack of willpower." Read full story.

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