Your Day in Health: Cookie Recall

Start checking labels... there's an Oreo recall


Your Day in Health: Cookie Recall

Start checking labels... there's an Oreo recall

CNN: Transitioning From Daylight Saving Time Could Increase Depression

"Even though setting the clocks back during winter leads to an extra hour of sleep, the added hour of darkness in the evening is harder to handle, according to a new study. Depression cases at psychiatric hospitals in Denmark increased immediately after the transition from daylight saving time, the study says. An analysis of 185,419 severe depression diagnoses from 1995 to 2012 showed an 11% increase during this time period. The cases dissipated gradually after 10 weeks." Read full story.

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LIVESCIENCE: Fighting Hunger? Plant Protein May Keep You Feeling Full Longer Than Meat

"Eating plant protein may help keep you feeling full longer — and help you eat less at your next meal — than eating animal protein, a new study suggests. The researchers found that participants reported feeling fuller, and less hungry, after they ate the high-protein legume patty meal than they did after eating meat-based meals." Read full story.

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GRUB STREET: Energy Drinks Look to Be Even Worse for You Than Previously Thought

"In case the prospect of dying or similarities with cocaine didn’t suffice already, doctors have found another reason to maybe chill on the energy drinks: Have too many and you might destroy your liver. The link comes from a new case study in which a 50-year-old construction worker developed acute hepatitis after consuming four to five energy drinks every day over the course of three weeks. " Read full story.

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REFINERY29: These Two Cookie Flavors Have Been Recalled

"Two flavors of Oreo Fudge Creme products have been recalled due to undeclared milk allergens. A routine health inspection found that some Oreo products were made on equipment that processes milk — a common allergen. Since the milk wasn't declared on product ingredient listings, the company is taking precautions to ensure that any consumers who might be allergic to milk won't unknowingly ingest it." Read full story.

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