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CNN: Vitamin D doesn't prevent disease for most, study says

"Vitamin D supplements do not help prevent disease for the majority of people, according to a new study published [last week] in the British Medical Journal. According to the team, clinical trials have failed to show that supplementation reduces the risk posed by falls and fractures to bones and muscles. But they recognize that it may be beneficial in people who are at high risk, such as those in nursing homes and darker-skinned people living in colder climates." Read full story.

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GRUBSTREET: Iron Chef America Is Coming Back; Yes, It Was Gone

"The show is coming back, this time in a format Food Network is calling (drumroll) Iron Chef Gauntlet. As before, the show will be hosted (or commented upon, if you will) by Alton Brown. Iron Chef Gauntlet is set to debut on Food Network in the spring of 2017." Read full story.

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"In a study recently published in Nature Medicine Journal, not all cheese is created equal. In fact, one type of cheese was linked to a longer lifespan in mice. (And no, the study was not sponsored by Kraft.) Scientists found that cheese containing the organic compound spermidine—namely, aged cheese like blue cheese—could lead to a stronger cardiovascular system, and in turn, a longer life." Read full story.

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