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This Bakery Is Selling a 24k Gold Chocolate Cupcake on Valentine's Day

We're calling it: Gold necklaces are out this Valentine's Day, but gold-topped cupcakes are so in!

Your Valentine has a heart of gold—and now you can give them a mouth full of gold, too.

This Feb. 14, forget the cellophane-wrapped, heart-shaped box of chocolates and, instead, celebrate love with mini-cupcakes that are delicately topped with real (edible) gold.

The latest, limited-edition creation from Baked by Melissa is a chocolate-on-chocolate delicacy that is actually topped with an edible thin sheet of 24 karat gold. That's right, the chocolate ganache-stuffed, chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing is embellished with a special gold topping. We're not psychics here by any means, but we think it's safe to say these cupcakes have a near-100 percent success rate of impressing your significant other.

The gold cupcake can only be purchased as part of a mixed, 25-pack containing a total of three different (also brand new) flavors. Dubbed, Baked by Melissa's "Limited" Limited-Edition Valentine's Day Collection, you can enjoy your chocolatey, golden bite-size cupcakes as well as adorable Chocolate Red Velvet and Red Rose cupcakes.

The Chocolate Red Velvet also has a subtle golden feature. Made with red velvet cake and topped with chocolate icing, the cupcake is then made complete with a tiny gold heart sprinkle. The Red Rose cupcakes are also made with chocolate cake but are then stuffed with a sweet Dulce de Leche filling and decorated with a red vanilla icing that's swirled in the shape of an intricate rose.

It goes without mention that these cupcakes likely put the ones you had at your birthday last year to shame.

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The Valentine's Day batches are going for $57 each and can be purchased right now for delivery on Feb. 14. They ship to all 50 states and are guaranteed to arrive on the holiday.

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$57 at Baked by Melissa
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Heads up, though—the bakery is only making 100 of these exclusive boxes, hence the reason they're called the "Limited" Limited-Edition Valentine's Day Collection! For true fans of Baked by Melissa, there's an added sentimental element: Melissa herself will be baking and decorating all 100 of these special batches.

"We wanted to give our most dedicated customers something exclusive and premium this Valentine's Day, so they can give or receive the very best gift," says Melissa Ben-Ishay. "What better way to elevate an already delicious assortment of cupcakes even further than with 24 karat gold?"

For a more affordable, less golden, option, Baked by Melissa is also selling an array of other Valentine's Day cupcake packages. The standard 25-pack of six flavors (Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Dulce de Leche, Vanilla & Sprinkles, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie) goes for just $37, for example.

The clock is ticking! Try and score your glossy box of cupcakes now or forever hold your (cellophane-wrapped, heart-shaped chocolate box) peace. And, for deals on other sweet treats, check out 7 Must-Have Valentine's Day Treats From Some of Your Favorite Places.

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