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You Can Expect Cheaper Prices at Whole Foods Market Starting Today

These new price cuts will ensure you're not spending your "whole paycheck" at the organic grocer.

Remember when Amazon bought Whole Foods for a cool $13.7 billion in June 2017 and then slashed prices on avocados and gave Prime members great discounts? Well, the retail giant is cutting prices at Whole Foods big-time for the third time in two years. In fact, according to a press release, this is their biggest investment in lowering prices and expanding Prime member deals yet, so you'll definitely want to see what changes are coming!

In efforts to bring more Amazon Prime members into brick-and-mortar Whole Foods stores, Amazon is investing in making its organic, sustainably-sourced goods more affordable. Starting today, customers will enjoy 20 percent off new reduced priced items, and you can expect a two-fold increase in the number of Prime member deals. Plus, Prime members will get an extra 10 percent off certain sale items.

"Whole Foods Market continues to maintain the high-quality standards that we've championed for nearly 40 years and, with Amazon, we will lower more prices in the future, building on the positive momentum from previous price investments," John Mackey, Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO, said in a press release. "The standards for how our products are sourced, grown and produced are powerful and set Whole Foods Market apart from the competition. We will continue to focus on both lowering prices and bringing customers the quality they trust and the innovative assortment they expect from our brand."

What foods can you expect discounts on?

Whole Foods announced that it will slash prices on hundreds of items throughout the store, emphasizing produce. You'll find yellow mangoes for a dollar each, a 12-ounce box of mixed-medley cherry tomatoes for $3.49, and organic rainbow chard for $1.99 a bunch. Amazon Prime members will enjoy these price cuts, too, plus some. Here are the current deals exclusive to Prime members:

  • Organic asparagus is $2.99 a pound, saving you $2 off original prices
  • Organic strawberries: $2.99/lb, save $2
  • Sumo Citrus: $2.49/lb, save $1.50
  • Air-chilled, no-antibiotics-ever whole chicken: $1.79/lb, save at least 40%
  • Spiral sliced ham: $3.99/lb, save at least 33%
  • Animal welfare-rated, bone-in pork loin chops: $4.99/lb, save at least $2
  • Fresh, sustainable wild-caught halibut fillet: $16.99/lb, save at least 35%
  • 35% off all Justin's brand products
  • $20 off Vega One Organic Shakes (24.3-26.9 oz. sizes only)
  • 40% off all Kite Hill plant-based products
  • 35% off Epic brand products
  • Prepared sandwiches and wraps: 20% off

These deals rotate weekly, so if you'd like to stay updated, just ask Alexa, "Alexa, what are my Whole Foods deals?" or check your weekly deals on Amazon's dedicated page.

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