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20 Percent of Americans Will Miss This on Thanksgiving Day

It's yet another way COVID-19 is messing with 2020.

Fitting all of your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes onto one plate is a challenge even the healthiest of eaters looks forward to throughout the year. As we head into the holidays in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic remains ongoing. As a result, almost 20% of Americans won't gather in-person with their loved ones, according to data collected from a new survey.

When the technology research firm SoftwarePundit asked 500 Americans about their Thanksgiving plans in October, only 14% of respondents planned to hold a virtual celebration. But there has been a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, prompting some states to shut down or limited indoor dining. Plans to celebrate virtually increased to 19% when 495 more Americans answered the same question in November.

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Fewer Americans also said they planned to celebrate Thanksgiving in person during the second round of the survey. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they intended to celebrate in person with a smaller group in October versus 43% in November. The number of people who they were all in per usual on Turkey Day similarly fell from 30% to 25%.

Enjoying a small meal with only your household or sharing recipes with family friends over a virtual meal are two examples of lower-risk Thanksgiving activities, according to the CDC. Don't worry about pulling off the main course if you can't make it home for mom's home cooking. You can Text This Number on Thanksgiving for Turkey-Cooking Advice. Or, if cooking sounds like too much this year, here are the 7 Best Chain Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving.

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