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NBA All-Star Anthony Davis Released a Spicy Ruffles Potato Chip

It's the first collaboration of its kind.

Starting on Monday, January 20, you can buy a bag of chips with Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis on the front of it.

The six-time NBA All-Star doesn't just reserve power moves for the basketball court. Davis just announced his latest project, an endorsement deal with Ruffles called The Chip Deal. The deal includes the co-creation of a custom potato chip flavor, a collaboration no other athlete has dabbled with before.

Now, if you're going to launch a signature flavor, it has to be innovative and original. Davis appears to have checked both of those boxes with a rather bold combination: lime and jalapeño.

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"The Chip Deal is transcending the notion of traditional athlete endorsement deals: pairing Anthony Davis' commitment to impact beyond the court and bringing fans something unprecedented from a potato chip brand," said Frito-Lay's Sadira Furlow. "With the launch of Ruffles Lime and Jalapeño, we translated Davis' energy and originality into an incredible potato chip flavor that is undoubtedly one of the most innovative flavors in Ruffles history."

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So what's the inspiration behind Anthony Davis' new chip flavor? The tanginess of the lime paired with the heat from the spicy jalapeño pepper excites the taste buds, similar to how the basketball player livens up an arena full of fans as he brings the heat onto the court.

Such a brand new kind of partnership comes the need for epic packaging, which is why Ruffles is unveiling not just one or even two designs, but three to match Davis' jersey number. As mentioned above, the chips will be available next Monday at select retailers, but it won't be until the following Monday (February 3, 2020) when the zesty snack will be widely available to all.

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