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These New Avocados Stay Fresh Twice As Long

With this new technology that extends your avo's shelf life, you can say so long to brown, mushy guac.

There's a tragically fleeting window of time between when an avocado transitions from rock-hard to toast-worthy to inedible brown mush. Apeel Sciences, a California-based startup, understands the struggle—and, better yet, has been working on a solution (for six years!) that alleviates all of our avo woes.

To prevent the fruit from becoming overripe in the blink of an eye, Apeel sprays avocados with a protective coating that keeps your fruits perfectly ripe for double—or even triple!—the amount of time they naturally do. Skeptical yet? Here's the reassuring science behind the process.

How Apeel avocados maintain freshness for longer

According to the website, "Apeel adds a little extra 'peel' to the surface of fresh produce that naturally reinforces the plant's own peel and slows the rate of water loss and oxidation—the primary causes of spoilage," rendering a fruit that remains fresh two to three times longer without refrigeration or preservatives. The extra layer essentially retains the natural moisture inside the fruit and keeps the oxygen out, a double whammy against spoiled produce.

But what about produce beyond avocados? Apeel reveals that "avocados are just the starting point in our mission to fight food waste and bring fresher, better quality fruits and vegetables to more people everywhere," so expect to spot your other favorite fruits and veggies marked with this freshness-maintaining seal in the future. Psst! Keep your eyes peeled for Apeel citrus and asparagus next, Quartz reports.

Although the avocado 2.0 is only available in Costco and Harps Food Stores' Midwestern locations (for only $5 per 5-count bag—that's a dollar an avocado!), Apeel is working to get its innovation into produce aisles nationwide "hopefully very soon," a representative dished to Foodbeast.

Eat This! Tip

Until you spot an Apeel avocado in a grocery store near you, try this easy hack to keep your toast-toppers verdant: After slicing an avocado open, squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice on the flesh to prevent premature browning, and then pop it in the fridge.

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