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Are You Fit Enough to Be in the FBI?

If getting in shape for a 5K or Tough Mudder was never quite the right motivation for you to stick to a fitness routine, maybe training to be as fit as an F.B.I agent will do the trick!
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According to recent reports, many agents are working longer hours and have been under increased stress since 9/11, leaving them with less time to hit the gym. This is why, for the first time in 16 years, the F.B.I. is requiring that agents take an exercise exam—and we found out exactly what it entails. See how you stack up against the agents' goals below:

20- to 29-Year-Old Woman*

Sit-ups: 32
Push-ups: 15
300 meters: 1:11
1.5 miles: 15:05

20- to 29-Year-Old Man*

Sit-ups: 35
Push-ups: 24
300 meters: 58.9
1.5 miles: 12.29

30- to 39-Year-Old Woman*

Situps: 25
Pushups: 11
300 meters: 1:26
1.5 miles: 15:56

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30- to 39-Year-Old Man*

Sit-ups: 35
Push-ups: 24
300 meters: 58.9
1.5 miles: 12:53

*Note: Sit-ups must be done in one minute and push-ups must be done without stopping. Agents are given a five-minute break between exercises.

If you don't quite hit the mark to become the next Seeley Booth or Peter Burke, keep at it and see if you can achieve the required stats by October—that's the deadline for agents to pass the test. Want to up your fitness in a flash? Try our 10-Day Plan to Get Trim and Toned to see results in record time.

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