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Michael Martin

Michael Martin

Articles by Michael Martin

woman smiling and typing on phone
Comforting Senior Husband Suffering With Dementia
If This Sounds Like You, You May be in Danger of Getting Monkeypox
Portrait of a curly woman with a leaf of marijuana in her hand. Face close-up on a yellow background. Legalization of drugs
Tired mature woman take off glasses suffering from headache
body inflammation
5 Ways to Ensure You Don't Die in Your Sleep
Portrait of mixed race male doctor wearing face mask standing in hospital corridor.
The #1 Source of Diabetes, According to Science
Doctor Anthony Fauci
If Your Hand Looks Like This You May Be Seriously Ill, Say Doctors
Habits Secretly Increasing Your Pancreatic Cancer Risk, Say Experts
woman holding her head.
Doctor Anthony Fauci
Woman in medical protective mask getting injection in arm vaccination.
Woman wearing a protective cloth mask.
Doctor Sanjay Gupta
Woman wearing surgical mask on face protective for spreading of disease Covid-19 pandemic.. Girl symptom cough while sitting on Sofa.
Male doctor holding monkeypox vaccine.
A woman squeeze her tummy
Swollen Lymph Nodes
The surprised girl holds a thermometer in her hands.
If Your Mole Looks Like This, It's Time to See a Doctor
Woman sitting at the gym with pink pilates ball.
Thoughtful girl sitting on sill embracing knees looking at window, sad depressed teenager spending time alone at home, young upset pensive woman feeling lonely or frustrated thinking about problems
Man lying on bed at home, high fever and coughing.
woman holding her head.
woman puts hands on head, stressed, busy at work