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You're About To See This Beloved Restaurant Everywhere

While other restaurants close many doors, this franchise is looking to open even more.
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While numerous restaurant chains are closing multiple locations, and some are considering shutting down for good, it seems like a bleak future for the restaurant industry. Except for one restaurant, in particular, that has seen success in the past few months during the coronavirus pandemic, and that restaurant is A&W.

That's right, it's not just a root beer, although they do serve it. It's the A&W restaurant chain that sells your favorite burgers, fries, and yes, root beer floats. You'd think a restaurant such as this would experience a decrease in sales due to fewer people eating in their dining rooms, but according to a recent A&W press release shared with Eat This, Not That!, it seems this particular chain is doing very well according to their year-over-year sales.

When looking at May of last year, A&W saw a double-digit increase in 2020. This is quite an increase compared to other burger chains that have only seen an average two-percent increase, according to Black Box Intelligence. This doesn't, of course, include McDonald's which has seen massive success thanks to their limited menu.

A&W's believes their response to COVID-19 was part of the exponential success they saw during the past few months. They offered family packs and rapidly expanded their delivery and drive-thru service to immediately serve their customers. They even sold root beer by the gallon, meaning customers could buy this extremely popular item along with a myriad of their favorite A&W menu items.

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What does this mean for A&W's future?

With so much rapid growth in the past few months, and A&W's reduced royalties program (in order to help new franchises get on their feet financially), this company is not looking to close doors like other restaurant chains, but to actually open numerous new restaurants in the months ahead.

"Prospects are eager to make decisions and start building restaurants," said Dave Crowley, director of Franchise Recruitment, in the press release. "We're doing everything we can to expedite the development process for them."

Since 2011, A&W has opened 70 locations, as well as 15 freestanding and convenience store locations. As A&W hits their 101st birthday, they are looking at 900 locations across the United States and Asia. Now with A&W expanding, it could mean that you're going to start seeing this popular restaurant chain more often.

So if you start to see A&W's popping up in an area near you, there's a reason for it. It seems people just can't get enough of their frothy root beer, burgers, and fries.

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