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​​The #1 Best Cereal to Buy, Says Dietitian

Not all cereal is full of added sugar and preservatives.

Cereal is one of the quickest and easiest breakfasts to make, and one that will take you down memory lane as well. However, many types of cereal are loaded with added sugars and funky ingredients that can turn them into an unhealthy breakfast choice.

Even cereals that are branded as "healthy" are sometimes still loaded with sugar and zero nutrients, which can be a tricky way to start your day. For example, Kellogg's Smart Start advertises itself as a healthy cereal full of antioxidants, but each serving comes packed with 18 grams of sugar.

Thankfully there are plenty of healthier cereal choices out there that are actually healthier, and according to Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook, one of the best cereals to buy is KIND Bar Cereal.

Continue reading to learn about what Goodson looks for in healthy breakfast cereal, and for more healthy eating tips make sure to check out 13 Cozy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss.

Healthy cereal contains fiber and protein and is low in sugar.

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When it comes to choosing a healthy cereal for your morning meal, Goodson recommends looking for three things: fiber, low added sugar, and protein.

"Choosing a high-fiber cereal is key because fiber helps slow down digestion," says Goodson, "and it's also important to look for cereals that are low in added sugar," says Goodson.

Added sugar in breakfast cereals can pile on quickly, which can derail your health goals and lead to weight gain over time. Getting enough protein in your breakfast is also important for curbing cravings throughout the rest of your day and helping to keep you full longer.

The #1 best healthy cereal is KIND Bar Cereals.

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KIND Bar Cereals are some of the best cereals you can choose for your morning routine, and they come in a variety of flavors like Cinnamon Almond, Honey Almond, Caramel Almond, and Apple Cinnamon.

Their added sugar content is on the lower end compared to other cereals and ranges from 7 to 10 grams per serving. They all have at least 5 grams of protein and around 4 grams of fiber per serving as well, so every flavor meets Goodson's criteria for a healthy breakfast cereal.

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