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The Best Cheap Eats in 15 U.S. Cities

Fancy restaurants are great, but sometimes, you just want something affordable.

Whether you're trying to save money on a vacation or you're looking for an affordable lunch in your hometown, cheap eats are never a bad thing. Four-star dining is nice, but when you're on a budget, finding meals under $10 can be a life-saver.

With that in mind, Stacker rounded up some of the best cheap eats in major U.S. cities. There's way more out there than dollar slices of pizza and five-for-one dumplings—and after reading this list, you just might be inspired to plan a vacation of your own.

To come up with the data, Stacker looked at the restaurants that were listed as "cheap eats" on Tripadvisor. From there, the site looked at the highest-rated restaurants in major cities. Here are some of the best affordable places to eat in major U.S. metropolises—you're welcome.

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ATLANTA: Aviva by Kameel

platter of mediterranean food
Aviva by Kameel / Facebook

This Mediterranean restaurant has build-your-own sandwiches, platters, and salads. Think of it as the Chipotle of Mediterranean food.

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BOISE: Guido's Original New York

slice of pizza topped with parmesan chees
Wayne W. / Yelp

When you can't get to the Big Apple, head to Guido's for a New York-style slice.

DALLAS: Truck Yard

two beers from truck yard in dallas
Truck Yard Dallas / Facebook

This beer garden makes a picture-perfect spot for grabbing a burger.

DENVER: Sam's No. 3

buffalo wings with coleslaw and celery and carrot sticks
Sams No 3 / Facebook

Sam's No. 3 is one of Food Network's "top places to eat," and Guy Fieri visited it on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

GREEN BAY: The Pancake Place

peppermint pancake topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup
The Pancake Place / Facebook

Affordable pancakes? Sign us up!

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MIAMI: Safron Grill

squares of baklava
Safron Mediterranean Grill / Facebook

Yes, this is Safron with one "f"! This Mediterranean spot is perfect for grabbing roasted meat, vegetarian dishes, and baklava for dessert.


plate of ribs and brisket with potato salad
Pop Pops Pit BBQ / Facebook

The South is known for its barbecue, and this South Carolina spot has all of the smoked meats you could dream of.

NASHVILLE: Joey's House of Pizza

new york slice of pizza with pepperoni and oregano
Joeys House of Pizza / Facebook

With a 4.5-star rating on Tripadvisor, this casual pizza spot has won Nashville residents' hearts.

NEW YORK CITY: Bleecker Street Pizza

slices of pizza in display case
Bleecker Street Pizza / Facebook

Maybe you've heard about Prince Street Pizza's thick pepperoni slices. But Bleecker Street Pizza has plenty of fans on Tripadvisor, too. The triangle slices are perfect for eating while exploring the city.

PHILADELPHIA: Hershel's East Side Deli

pastrami sandwich with pickle
Al D. / Yelp

Craving a pastrami sandwich? Stop by this deli expeditiously.

RENO: Pho 777 Vietnamese Restaurant

pad thai topped with cilantro and served with lime wedge
Mayu H. / Yelp

If you want an affordable meal that's not pizza or a burger, this Vietnamese spot is a great option.


burger with home fries topped with fried egg
Bebe L. / Yelp

You can't go wrong with any of the burgers on the menu at this casual eatery.

SEATTLE: Fremont Brewing

beer flight
Ellen E. / Yelp

The only thing better than cheap eats is cheap eats that are accompanied by a flight of beer.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Keren Restaurant

bowl of meat and vegetables with sliced bread
Keren Restaurant and Coffee Shop / Facebook

This East African spot serves sandwiches, wine, and more. Don't miss out on the extensive breakfast selection, either.

WICHITA: Old Mill Tasty Shop

salad with bowl of chili and strawberry milkshake
Old Mill Tasty Shop / Facebook

Stop into this old-fashioned shop for everything from sandwiches to salads to milkshakes to chili.

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