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The Best Restaurant for a First Date

Wasabi...or should we say what's up, bae?
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There's an ingenious way to increase your chances of getting a second date, but it may not be just what you expected. It's not laughing at each other's jokes or having common hobbies that will necessarily land you a second round. According to Match's sixth annual Singles in America Study, sharing sushi on a first date increases your chance of a second date by 107 percent. What a day to be alive!

This study is done each year to explore the different behaviors and attitudes of singles across America and to get an overall idea of their political views, sexual appetites, and views on current issues. Approximately 5,500 singles of all walks of life were surveyed during this study, which was initially started to break the perceptions of what being single means. While we like to believe that sushi is the secret answer for the dating world, obviously there are finer details about yourself and the person you're dating that are going to contribute to whether you take up a second date or not. But if Match is giving us another reason to go and get sushi, we won't deny it—especially when there's an entire list of Sushi Rolls Approved by Nutritionists!

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Sushi is generally a healthy food choice when it comes to going out to eat, as long as you stay away from the deep fried rolls, excessive spicy mayo, and high-sodium soy sauce. Swap out white rice for brown rice and opt for lighter fish like tuna or salmon in order to keep off that belly bloat. Vegetarians also won't have a problem ordering something because there are plenty of no meat, no fish, veggie roll options. Plus, seaweed is one of the best superfoods on the planet. And if sushi just isn't your thing, you should avoid these 23 Foods That Ruin Date Night at the very least!

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