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The #1 Worst Thing You Can Do at the Drive-Thru

Just because you don't have to leave your car to get your food, doesn't mean you can throw caution to the wind.

We've previously written about the etiquette of the drive-thru, and how one of the worst things you can possibly do when using this method of food purchasing is to try and modify the order at the cashier window. This would require the drive-thru personnel to void the order you've placed through the intercom, and process a completely new order for you. As you can imagine, this would hold up the drive-thru line and could also get the drive-thru employee in trouble (turns out, some drive-thrus have very strict limits on numbers of voided transactions allowed per day).

However, during the current coronavirus pandemic, there's something even worse you could be doing while grabbing food at the drive-thru that could put your health as well as the health of the drive-thru employees at risk.

The biggest drive-thru mistake you could make during the pandemic

As many restaurants are changing the way they operate by ramping up their already existent curbside pickup and drive-thru offer or trying it for the first time, the mostly contactless nature of these food services is making them the go-to methods for takeout during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, just because your contact with the employee at a drive-thru is limited, and you don't even need to get out of your car to get your hands on your lunch, it doesn't mean you can throw caution to the wind. Just as you would wear a mask anywhere else in public, you absolutely must wear a face mask at the drive-thru as well.

Not wearing one could be a mistake that will put you and the employees at an unnecessary risk of contracting the virus, as the mask prevents the droplets of fluid, which may contain the virus, from traveling through the air. So next time you're heading out to pickup your order, make sure you've covered your face properly—in other words, avoid these mistakes that could render your face mask useless. And to get the latest coronavirus food news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter.

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