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Britney Spears Reveals Her Secret Cheat Meal In All Its Chocolaty Glory

We can only say one thing: "Gimme More," please!

Britney Spears may be a world-class pop star, a perfume magnate, and a mom to two teenage boys, but she's also—if you haven't received the memo by now—a bona fide fitness guru, too. Over on her Instagram, she regularly shares workout routines with her 23 million followers.


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What's more, she's no stranger to posting inspirational dieting quotes, either:

It's enough to make anyone wonder if, if ever, the 37-year-old deviates from her routine to enjoy a well-earned cheat meal. Well, on Sunday, November 10th, we got a definitive answer: Yes.

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In an Instagram post, she fired off two photos of what appears to be an unmistakable cheat meal. The first was a snapshot of a decadent chocolate shake, complete with a healthy dollop of whipped cream. "I literally drank the shake in two seconds," Spears wrote. "I haven't had chocolate in a while."


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I literally drank the chocalate shake in two seconds … I haven't had chocolate in a while ….. 🙄😋😋😋😉

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The second was of a panini, adorably cut and shaped like a heart. Though she didn't offer up any details on what, exactly, was in the sandwich, it looks to be sourdough bread (not exactly the healthiest bread on the market) and roast beef (certainly not the healthiest meat, either). But, hey, isn't that what a cheat meal is all about, anyway?

It's not the only time Spears has revealed her cheat meals. In a 2016 interview with E! News, she shared some of her other favorites: "Tacos, pizza, and ice cream … and Oreo Blasts," which she called "the best."

To quote Spears herself: "Gimme More" please!

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