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This is the Boutique Burger Chain People Can't Stop Ordering From Right Now

The burgers come on fancy branded buns.

When you're on a roll, not even a pandemic can stop you! That's certainly the case for the nationwide upscale burger chain, BurgerFi, that's hit all-time record sales this year. The restaurant, based out of Palm Beach, Florida, has seen double digit YoY growth in the beginning of this year. But instead of suffering a drop in sales during the nationwide restaurant shutdowns like many other restaurants, it increased its YoY growth during the pandemic to a whopping 32%.

The chain's rapidly rising delivery sales contributed largely to this growth (up by 60% since the beginning of the year), which makes them a unique success story among chains that rely on third-party delivery services. You can order BurgerFi through DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Postmates, as well as their own in-house app that connects to third-party drivers.

Some of their most popular items include a gourmet veggie burger made in house, wagyu beef burgers and hot dogs, and super crispy fries.

So what's their secret?

With a 125 locations operating in 23 states, BurgerFi serves up gourmet burgers made with top-quality ingredients. But besides the mouth-watering menu, the company credits their own technology and the third party delivery partnerships with their success.

In 2018, the chain halted further expansions and made two innovative operational moves: they added a call center to field delivery and takeout orders, and added special make-lines in their kitchen to accommodate delivery.

And BurgerFi's burgers come with a side of environmental awareness, too. The company has made a commitment to sustainability, which they've incorporated into the design of their locations—they feature chairs made from up-cycled milk jugs and Coca-Cola bottles, energy-efficient fans, LED lighting, and walls paneled with renewable timber.

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Mura Dominko
Mura is a Deputy Editor leading ETNT's coverage of America's favorite fast foods and restaurant chains. Read more