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This Is How Charlize Theron Got Into Atomic Blonde Shape

Charlize doesn't believe in stunt doubles.

If you thought Atomic Blonde would shock you with killer-intense stunts performed by a light-haired Charlize lookalike, you've got it all wrong. Charlize sold her role as Agent Lorraine Broughton by taking on the fatal kicks and punches herself. "The entire stunt team was very pleasantly surprised at her overall physical ability," stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave told People. "She was extremely tough; she did 95 percent of all of her own fighting."

So how did she get her body into heart-crushing shape? The seemingly ageless 41-year-old trained with eight trainers (in the same facility that Keanu Reeves was prepping in for John Wick 2). Six weeks before filming began, she broke a sweat for about two to three hours everyday doing martial arts workouts.

In addition to kicking butt in the gym, and cracking two teeth in the process, Theron was diligent with her diet. "During training she was very strict with her diet, very strict with her training regimen, and she was trying to stay lean and fighting fit because she had so much action," Hargrave said. "And she had a lot of scenes where she was wearing very little so she wanted to be in the best shape possible and she trained very hard for that." Trying to get shredded like Charlize? Don't miss these 30 Breakfast Secrets For Weight Loss.

April Benshosan
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