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Cheddar Is the One Thing Everyone Is Buying Right Before Thanksgiving

The holiday is the biggest day of the year for the popular cheese.

Some believe that a roasted turkey is the Thanksgiving centerpiece, but many would argue it's all the sides that really make the holiday special. Cornbread, green bean casserole, and stuffing are often the real stars of your dinner plate, if not for the perfect execution, then for the sheer abundance of choice. Interestingly, the most popular last-minute purchases before the big holiday have nothing to do with turkey and everything to do with the sides.

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According to a new survey conducted by Instacart, Nov. 23 is the biggest day of the year for one completely unexpected and unsung hero of your Thanksgiving spread—cheddar. That's right, the day before that big Thursday, the cheese's popularity peaks on the platform, which can only mean that millions of Americans end up enjoying a cheese platter or macaroni and cheese as part of their big feast.

Dairy seems to be a common theme here, as cream cheese and whipped cream also enjoy a major increase in popularity the day before Thanksgiving, followed by rolls, canned green beans, butter spreads, canned corn, boxed stuffing, fruit soda, and heavy whipping cream.

Turkey Day is not only known for its macaroni and cheese, but also for the polarizing cranberry sauce. The Instacart survey revealed that canned cranberries are the most ordered Thanksgiving item on the grocery delivery app.

Despite the excitement of the holiday, rising food costs have caused concern among Thanksgiving hosts. According to CNBC, turkey prices rose 73% in 2022 after the bird flu greatly affected the supply, while ABC News reports a dozen eggs have more than doubled in price. Canned pumpkin, a necessary ingredient for the beloved pumpkin pie, has risen in cost by 17% since 2021, and boxed stuffing has increased by 14%. All of this pricing doom and gloom can be a real Thanksgiving downer, but the news just means that you may have to look for budget-friendly alternatives.

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