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Expect These 7 Major Changes at Cheesecake Factory As It Reopens

With more and more locations opening, things are going to look different. Here's what you'll see.
cheesecake factory

Oh, The Cheesecake Factory. One mention of the name, and visions of decadent arrays of cheesecake slices immediately come to mind, and it's one restaurant that just about everyone can find at least one thing to eat off its large menu. Since the second week of May, Cheesecake Factory locations have slowly been reopening and now, the company has announced that 25% of their restaurants are back open, with dining rooms operating at a limited capacity. But things won't be exactly how they once were.

So what will you see if you head to a Cheesecake Factory dining room?

Here's a breakdown of all the changes you will see.


Social distancing policies will be followed.

cheesecake factory

Seating in the dining room, patio, and bar area will look a little different as it has been reconfigured to meet social distancing rules. You'll see decals on the floor as well to inform guests how far apart to stand in the lobby space and bakery area.


Sanitizing surfaces will be a top priority.

cleaning table

The Cheesecake Factory staff will be working hard to sanitize high contact areas along with sanitizing menus and pens after guests use them. There will be hand sanitizer dispensers in the lobby area and bathrooms for customers to use as well.

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Pagers are no longer being used.

woman on phone

Long gone are the days of holding on to that pager that would buzz when your table was ready. Instead, customers will receive a text message when it's time to be seated so guests can wait outside the restaurant and not have to congregate in the lobby space. You can make reservations through Yelp before you even head out to the restaurant, too.


Menus are paperless.

Menu ordering point

While The Cheesecake Factory is known for its huge menu that is many pages long, you don't have to flip through them anymore. Physical Menus will be sanitized so you can still use them if you like, but the restaurant is offering up a QR code that customers can scan that will give them access to a digital menu they can view on their phones.


Paying the bill can be contactless.

Waiter handing a bill to a customer at a restaurant

Your phone will come in handy again, as contactless payment is being encouraged as well. And FYI, you'll also want to take some precautions before eating at a restaurant again!


Staff will be wearing protective gear.

Waiter with protective medical mask and gloves serving guest with coffee at an outdoor bar café or restaurant new normal concept reopening after quarantine

You will see all Cheesecake Factory team members wearing masks and gloves. Along with this precaution, wellness checks will be done on staff members daily, which includes temperature checks.


Your table will look slightly different.

The cheesecake factory menu options
The Cheesecake Factory/Facebook

Tables will no longer be preset and if you're taking part of your meal home with you, you will be given takeout containers so you can pack and bag up your leftovers instead of your waiter or waitress doing it for you.

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