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Chef Jose Andres Says Medical Workers Can Eat Free at His Restaurants for the Rest of the Year

The celebrity chef has pledged to take care of medical staff when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Chef Jose Andres has developed a well-earned reputation for stepping up enormously in dire times of need. The coronavirus pandemic is no exception to the Spanish celebrity chef getting well-deserved attention for doing the right thing.

On Friday morning, Andres announced via Twitter that when his extensive network of restaurants re-open, every active Doctor and Nurse will eat for free for the rest of the year.  Andres referenced the fact that his mother, father, uncle, godmother were nurses, doctors, and a pharmacist. As a result of their tireless work, they will all eat for free at Andres-owned eateries. The celebrity chef tweeted:

Andres was ostensibly inspired by a video of Mass General ICU nurses imploring people to stay at home and donate supplies to their local hospitals while they were treating COVID-19 patients. "We all have a part to play … we are begging you to do yours so we can do ours" the tweet caption read.

Andres used his fame as a celebrity chef to launch World Central Kitchen, a food relief organization that was featured in a 60 Minutes segment in the past year. Andres notably mobilized a team to help feed thousands of Puerto Rican Americans who were displaced by a spate of hurricanes in the past few years.

Andres owns and operates a network of dozens of restaurants in metropolitan areas like New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Las Vegas among many other places such as Orlando and Pennsylvania. A complete listing of his locations can be found here.

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