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Chobani Announces Huge New Line of Oat Products. Here's Why We Can't Wait

It's the brand's biggest expansion ever.

Chobani, one of the biggest yogurt companies in the world, is betting big on non-dairy.

Traditionally known for its robust offerings of healthy yogurt, Chobani just released a new line called Chobani Oats. In a departure from traditional product names, the company isn't using the words "milk" or "yogurt" in the branding of these oat-based offerings because there isn't any dairy in them, so the products have some less standardized names.

  • First, there's the oat drink, which is, essentially oat milk by a different name. It's available in four flavors: plain, vanilla, chocolate, and plain extra creamy.
  • There's also the oat blend, a don't-call-it-yogurt yogurt substitute that comes in four flavors: strawberry vanilla, blueberry pomegranate, peach mandarin, and vanilla.
  • Finally, there's the oat blend with crunch, a product that's not unlike the Chobani Flip (yogurt cups that come with a side package of nuts or dried fruit, which you can then "flip" into the yogurt, for an effortless parfait). These are available in three flavors: strawberry granola crunch, peach coconut crunch, and blueberry almond crumble.

"We're not promoting our oat [products] by denigrating dairy," Peter McGuinness, the president of Chobani, said in a press release, before adding that they will not use "yogurt" or "milk" to describe plant-based products, in order to avoid confusion. "We strongly believe in dairy."

Still, this isn't the first time Chobani has done away with milk in its products. Earlier this year, Chobani released a line of plant-based products, too, which included plant-based non-dairy drinks and yogurts.

In recent years, the non-dairy market has exploded, and Chobani's latest launch is keeping up with the trends. Non-dairy milks and products made of rice, oats, almonds, cashews, coconuts, and even macadamia nuts are all stepping into a market cow's milk has long cornered—and it's proving profitable, too. In August, Forbes reported that plant-based dairy alternatives displayed 6-percent better returns than dairy ones. And just last Tuesday, Dean Foods, the largest dairy producer in the United States, officially went bankrupt. So it makes sense to see a dairy-forward brand make a foray into non-dairy offerings, too.

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"It's an exciting moment for the company," said McGuinness, after explaining that Chobani's grand plans don't end with oats. The company also introduced an Oat Drink Barista Blend (specifically for steamed coffee beverages), an all-natural dairy creamer (available in flavors like caramel and vanilla), and—sticking to their roots—a Greek yogurt with oatmeal.

These new oat-based products hit grocery store aisles this month. And for more ways to reduce dairy in your daily life, see 22 Expert Tips and Swaps for Eating Less Dairy.

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