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Get Chrissy Teigen's $15 Chef's Knife Before It Sells Out (Again!)

The 'Cravings' cookbook author created a 'go-to' knife that has people talking—and not just because it's very affordable.

It's no secret that meal prep is a great tool for weight loss. Having healthy meals stocked in your fridge for the entire week leaves no room for last-minute fast food dinner decisions we are all guilty of. The thing is, half the battle of making anything at home is all the excessive chopping. The onions to the garlic to the veggies—they all require different knives. But, thanks to Chrissy Teigen, there's now an inexpensive hybrid knife out there to make meal prep an absolute breeze for cheap—and it literally can't stay on shelves.

As part of her Cravings By Chrissy Teigen line for Target, the Cravings cookbook author rolled out a 7" serrated knife and people are running to snag one. Why all the hype? It's because it has the utility to be your go-to knife no matter what you're whipping up. The all-purpose knife has the magic power of slicing through anything from bread to raw chicken to tomatoes (without their insides pouring out) with ease. That means less stress switching knives while cooking and minimal cleanup.

The comment section of the product is without question blowing up. People are loving the new tool first because of its price, but also because it actually delivers, maybe even better than more expensive options users already have on their butcher's block. "This is my go-to knife. The other day I used it to cut chicken and it was nice and sharp. I cut pineapple with it today and it cut it like butter. So smooth and easy. Great design of the blade. The handle is gorgeous," one reviewer wrote.

Another commented, "I haven't found anything yet that it won't slice through like butter, and the serration is genius." The knife is so sought-after, people were reselling it on eBay for three times its retail price. By the looks of the reviews, we don't think it was just because it was linked to Chrissy Teigen.

When prepping meals from your own kitchen, you can control exactly what's going into your body—like how much salt and butter, which is always the huge downside of eating out. Now that it's been restocked at Target, we see A LOT of home cooking in our near future.

Buy it now at Target, $14.99

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