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You Won't Find This Grocery Staple in Stores For Months

Factories are working 24/7 to produce it, but it's not enough, CEO says.

Being diligent and cleaning surfaces in your home, car, and out-and-about is a habit all of us should have picked up this year as COVID continues to spread. However, due to all of this disinfecting, there's currently a shortage of a cleaning essential that will be here to stay for at least a few more months.

The Clorox company saw sales of their cleaning products rise by 500% after the pandemic started, and that drastic increase in demand caused widespread shortages throughout the country that grocery stores are still dealing with. Back in August, Clorox's CEO told Reuters that their Disinfecting Wipes won't be available until next year.

And now, the company is saying it will take another six months to return to normal as the number of COVID cases continues to rise, according to NBC News.

"We've been pushing as hard as we can to expand production. We're making record numbers of disinfecting wipes, shipping nearly 1 million packages to stores every day. As soon as they're on [the] shelf, people scoop them up. This is not surprising given the continued worsening trends of COVID-19," the company says in a statement to Eat This, Not That!. "By February, we should be shipping 1.5 million wipes packages a day – an additional 50% increase — and expect continued supply improvement through summer of next year. Overall, we'll be shipping more than 2 million disinfecting products a day." (For more information about other shortages, here ate 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply Again.)

Back in late summer, customers reported seeing packs of four Clorox disinfecting wipes at Costco for $14.99, with different product limits at each location. Two months later, places like Wegmans and Kroger only allowed each customer to buy one or two due to a limited supply.

"Our plants are running 24/7," Reynolds told NBC. "We know that consumers are very frustrated with us."

But even with factories that run 24/7, Clorox's CEO says making the product is time-consuming, and some parts of the process have even been outsourced to 10 different third-party suppliers to make it faster.

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Amanda McDonald
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