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Coca-Cola Is Discontinuing This Popular Beverage Line

With several more under review.

Earlier this summer Coca-Cola announced one of its biggest restructuring moves in two decades. The company said it will reduce the number of business units in order to narrow down its portfolio of products. The new structure has prompted thousands of layoffs in several countries and put more than half of the brand's less popular lines on the chopping block.

Taking first steps toward paring down their 500 fully or partially owned product lines, the soda giant just announced they will be discontinuing their coconut water line Zico. The popular product will be leaving store shelves by the end of the year. (To find out what other shortages you may encounter at the grocery store this year, check out 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

Coca-Cola acquired the Zico brand in 2013, when the bottled drink proved to be a highly sought-after alternative to vitamin water and other hydration benefit–touting beverages. However, as the popularity of coconut water slowly waned over the past decade, Zico never caught up to the more popular competitor Vita Coco. This year, when the company decided to bench the production of some items to relieve the strains on their supply chain during the pandemic, the coconut water brand was among them, according to The Wall Street Journal. (Check out We Tried 7 Coconut Waters And Named This One The Best.)

And the cuts don't end there. Another Coke brand you soon won't be able to find on grocery shelves is Hubert's Lemonade. The company has announced plans to halt retail-store sales of the beverage, but you'll still find it being served out of fountain machines.

According to insider knowledge reported by The Wall Street Journal, some of Coca-Cola's products that have been hard to find on grocery shelves for the past several months could be the next ones on the chopping block. The company is currently deciding on the fate of Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, Coke Life, and regional brands Northern Neck Ginger Ale and Delaware Punch.

In July, Coca-Cola discontinued their beloved line of Odwalla smoothies, due to declining sales and increasing competition in the bottled smoothie category.

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