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Cookies & Creme Twix Bar Has Officially Returned—This Time With Matching Sneakers

But there are only 100 pairs of sneakers and we have the intel on how you can get a pair for free.

Attention all '90s kids, Twix is officially bringing back the flavor you have missed the most: Cookies & Creme.

The chocolatey Twix flavor has garnered a devoted fanbase over the years, so much so that a petition began circulating the internet last year, demanding Mars bring the candy back to store shelves. On Jan. 16, proof that the voices of many nostalgic Twix bar fans had been heard was confirmed as the company announced the flavor's return, along with the launch of a matching pair of sneakers?

Yes, you read that right: sneakers.

There was talk that the special pair of shoes would be given away for free at two separate drop events in February, but the specifics weren't disclosed, that is, until today.

But before we reveal the exact locations of where the customized, limited-edition Jordans will be up for grabs, here's some more information about the design and the mastermind behind it.

"Our sneaker collaboration brings our new flavor to life in a fresh, unexpected way, one that celebrates the relevance of cookies & creme within sneaker culture and the left and right roots of our brand," said Michelle Deignan, the Twix Brand Director of Mars Wrigley, in a statement.

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Sneaker customizer Dominic Ciambrone, otherwise known as The Shoe Surgeon, came up with the design. Details of all of the shoe's delicious highlights are revealed in the YouTube videoKicks V Kicks. 

Essentially, the shoes have an outer layer of blue corduroy fabric. On the heel, this fabric is removable (like a candy bar wrapper) to reveal white patent leather that looks like the creme inside of the Cookies & Creme Twix bar. The fabric that covers the top of the toes can also be removed, underneath which lies stingray leather that looks like, you guessed it, crumbled Oreo cookies. The bottom of the shoes also clearly indicates which one is meant for your left foot and right foot, similar to how a Twix bar is packaged.

If you just have to have these sneakers, here's where you can have the chance to claim a pair for yourself. The catch? Only 100 pairs have been made.

  • The first in-store drop-in will be held at sneaker store, Extra Butter in New York City on Feb. 6.
  • One of Chicago's hottest sneaker shops will host the second in-store drop in during All-Star weekend which is Feb. 14-16.
  • And, for those who don't live in either city, Twix will host a digital drop during the week of Feb. 10 where fans can have the opportunity to score a free pair on one of the company's social handles. Be sure to monitor Twix's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles accordingly that week.

In the end, everyone comes out as a winner, because the Cookies & Creme Twix flavor is back and here to stay. For more candy-related content, find out what The Most Popular Candy Bars in America are, here.

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