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These Cookware Startups Make Kitchen Tools Affordable For Everyone

Score kitchen essentials such as sauce pans, paring knives, and Dutch ovens for way less cash.

Binge-watching Food Network is basically incomplete without swooning over all the gorgeous cookware pieces and thinking up a life where you have every single shiny piece stocked in your very own kitchen. In reality, you'd need a small fortune to purchase it all, and any new cook would agree that it's daunting to figure out how to invest in quality cookware with the sea of options out there—and the steep price tags. To help streamline the shopping process, new cookware startups are offering simple kitchen tools with all the essentials. And guess what? They're totally affordable! Instead of pondering whether you should go with the square versus the round cast iron skillet on Amazon or shell out extra cash on a stainless steel pot from Williams Sonoma, you might want to try some of the up-and-coming brands below.

These cookware startups offer quality tools at affordable prices

Misen kitchen tools

When you break down what you really need in the kitchen, these companies hit the sweet spot. Think of their products as starter kits for both new chefs who need multi-purpose tools and seasoned chefs who can benefit from some brand-new essentials.

Great Jones

Cookware startup Great Jones can get you stocked with a full set of key pieces for only $395. That includes an enameled cast iron Dutch oven—which comes in five chic matte colors such as Blueberry, Earl Grey, and Macaron—as well as a ceramic non-stick pan, stockpot, frying pan, and sauce pot made of stainless steel and glitzy rose gold handles.


Other similar companies such as Potluck, the brainchild of two former Glossier employees, has an Essential Bundle that caught our eye. The handy combo is priced at $270 and includes 22 pieces of no-frill basics like a saucepan, skillet, stock pot, lids, knives, a peeler, grater, ladle, silicone spatula, tongs, measuring spoons, and other professional tools. We couldn't think of a more perfect gift for a college grad settling into his or her first apartment or a home buyer that's living on a budget.


Misen, another cookware startup worth checking out, has plenty of attractive bundles, such as a Starter Cookware Set for $225. It features pots and pans made of five layers of sturdy stainless steel and aluminum as well as heat-proof handles that won't burn your palms when you try your hand at a fancy stir-fry flip.

If you've always had high hopes of cooking healthier meals at home but keep reaching for the take-out menu, this is an easy first step to phase out that habit. These kits take the headache out of searching online or through massive culinary stores for pots in a multitude of sizes. Some of us have loved cooking from the get-go, and for others, it's something totally new. But no matter what pool you fall into, owning essential pots and tools for any simple recipe makes nutritious cooking that much easier to approach.