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You Should Avoid These 9 Coronavirus Hot Spots As Deaths Rise

The stats are rising in these potential danger zones.
Lifeguards keep people safe and keep the peace during coronavirus pandemic on Galveston beaches

Although your city may be opening up, "so far, more than 116,000 COVID-19 deaths have been recorded in the U.S," reports NBC News, "and experts are quick to point to the increased likelihood that the total is an undercount." This reality is no clearer than in states seeing a rising count of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Here are the 9 areas experts are worried about most.



Sunrise View of Portland, Oregon from Pittock Mansion.

"On Thursday, Gov. Kate Brown put reopening plans across the state on hold for seven days, as Oregon's infection numbers were trending up," reports Oregon Live. "Saturday the state recorded 158 new confirmed and presumptive coronavirus cases, making that the second-highest daily count since Oregon's outbreak began Feb. 28. According to public health officials, the increase in cases is due to more testing, workplace outbreaks and increased contract tracing."



Woman with surgical mask for corona virus covid-19 protection in San Francisco, USA, in front of Golden Gate Bridge. California

"California hit another grim milestone in its battle with coronavirus, with the death toll topping 5,000 people over the weekend," reports the LA Times. "Coronavirus cases also continue to rise, though there is debate whether that is the result of more testing — and identifying mildly ill or asymptomatic people infected with the virus — or due in part to the reopening of the economy. California has allowed more businesses to reopen their doors at a rapid clip in recent weeks, with malls, museums and even movie theaters getting the green light to resume operations with modifications. Counties ultimately decide which businesses can open."



Lifeguards keep people safe and keep the peace during coronavirus pandemic on Galveston beaches

Texas health authorities said there were 2,287 patients sickened with Covid-19 across its hospitals on Sunday, the sixth new high for coronavirus hospitalizations in the state in less than a week," reports CNBC. "The new total is up from 2,242 patients on Saturday, according to updated data from the Texas Department of State Health Services. In the past week, Wednesday was the only day that Texas didn't set a new record for hospitalizations."


North Carolina

A young woman walks along a sparsely populated beach amid COVID-19.

"North Carolina set its own record with 823 new hospitalizations" on Saturday also, says US News. "When you start to see increases in hospitalization, that's a surefire situation that you've got to pay close attention to," Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on Friday. 



Lincoln Road shut down to the public to stop spread of Coronavirus Covid 19 Miami Beach Florida

"Florida's Department of Health on Monday morning confirmed 1,758 additional cases of COVID-19, following a weekend of cases surpassing 4,000. The state now has 77,326 confirmed cases of the disease," reports the Miami Herald. "There were also seven new deaths announced Monday, raising the statewide death toll to 2,938. Miami-Dade continues to lead the state with the most confirmed cases and deaths." Experts are still trying to figure out if the case number is high simply because there's been more testing.


Washington State

This amazing farm with a breathtaking view of a snow-capped Mount Adams near Yakima Washington.

"Washington state health officials warned Saturday that coronavirus transmission is increasing in the eastern part of the state," reports the Washington Post. "Benton, Franklin, Spokane and Yakima counties are of greatest concern and could see 'increasingly explosive growth' in cases and deaths if the current rate of transmission continues."



Tucson, Arizona

"With new daily coronavirus cases rising in at least two dozen states, an explosion of new infections in Arizona is stretching some hospitals and alarming public health experts who link the surge in cases to the state's lifting of a stay-at-home order close to a month ago," reports NPR. "Arizona has emerged as one of the country's newest coronavirus hot spots, with the weekly average of daily cases nearly tripling from two weeks ago. The number of people hospitalized is climbing, too. Over the past week, Arizona has seen an average of more than 1,300 new COVID-19 cases each day."



Memorial Day turned into a record breaking weekend along the shores like this spot in Gulf Shores, Alabama

"Montgomery County's continued spike in confirmed cases is alarming but not unexpected. Alabama's premature relaxation of pandemic precautions has given too many Montgomerians a false sense of safety," said Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed according to WSFA. "With less than five percent of the state's population, we shouldn't be home to more than 11 percent of Alabama's confirmed cases. The health threat is still present and risks overwhelming our local health care system. Our whole community needs to practice safe habits: wear face masks, maintain social distancing and stay home when possible."



Wyoming welcome sign

"The COVID-19 pandemic has grown worse in Wyoming since the state started loosening restrictions last month, and health experts are saying the two are likely related," according to Wyoming Public Media. "Deaths attributed to the virus more than doubled during the last two weeks of May, though they have so far slowed in June. On May 17, the Wyoming Department of Health announced an 8th death for the state. On May 31, the department announced its 17th." "There's no question that with people, both by their own decisions and by policy, emerging from staying at home, cases do appear to be increasing," University of Wyoming researcher Christine Porter told WPM.


Meanwhile, in Other Countries…

funeral of victim of the covid-19, new coronavirus, in the cashew cemetery in rio de janeiro with the gravediggers wearing clothes against contamination

"Brazil's official coronavirus death toll overtook Britain to become the world's second-worst hit country," reported the Washington Post. "Russia more than doubled its official death toll related to COVID-19 for April, days after the World Health Organization raised questions about its numbers."


How You Can Stay Safe

Coronavirus prevention medical surgical masks and hand sanitizer gel for hand hygiene corona virus protection.

"We also need to instill a compassion for others and recognize we all have a role to play in protecting ourselves and others from disease," Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, a medical epidemiologist and infectious-diseases expert at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health told the LA Times, "while at the same time, supporting those who are vulnerable to the economic impacts of our mitigation efforts."

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