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5 Foods Suddenly Selling Out at Costco

Depending on where you live, you may notice some of these items at your local Costco are out of stock.

The good news: Toilet paper appears to be in great supply at most Costco outlets across the country (at least recent Costco shoppers are saying as much on social media). The bad news: Customers are now noticing some other household items and food staples are in very short supply at a number of Costco locations across the U.S.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak started in mid-March, there have been concerns about grocery shoppers hoarding food and supply chains breaking down because of outbreaks happening in processing plants. Still, grocery store supplies have managed to remain relatively stable across the country. However, depending on where you live, you may notice some of these items at your local Costco are suddenly out of stock. Here are just a handful of foods selling out right now.



raw meat at costco with membership card
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In response to the news of a potential meat shortage, Costco was the first national retailer to limit the amount of meat a customer could purchase. Since then, other chains have followed suit—but that hasn't necessarily fixed the scarcity concern. Right now, there are multiple complaints on Twitter from Costco shoppers who haven't been able to find ground beef, oxtail, beef loin, and other meat options at their local warehouse. (Related: 7 Sneaky Ways Costco Gets You to Spend More.)



While everyone was quarantining at home, they were turning into home bakers! As a result, baking flour saw a sharp increase in sales, leading to a shortage. Technically, you can still find flour at Costco, but it may only be available to purchase in bulk—we're talking 50-pound bags. That is a lot of flour! Maybe you can share some with your neighbors in a socially distanced ingredient swap? (Related: 5 Restaurant Foods Likely Going Up in Price After Reopening.)



Several chicken processing plants across the nation have been hit with coronavirus outbreaks, which has led to a number of facilities temporarily shutting down. Costco runs its own chicken processing plants, and since mid-April, a total of 73 workers have tested positive for the coronavirus at the Lincoln Premium Poultry plant location. As a result, uncooked chicken and rotisserie chicken at Costco has been tough—though not impossible—to find. (Related: 6 Packaged Food Companies With Workers Who've Tested Positive for Coronavirus.)


Frozen Meals

Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti revealed in a recent earnings call that shoppers' had predictably cleared shelves of disinfecting products as well as "frozen protein" products—aka frozen meat and meals—during the coronavirus pandemic. If there are slim pickings in the frozen food section of Costco near you, this may be why. (Related: The One Food Item People Can't Stop Buying in the Grocery Store.)



Like beef and chicken, pork products can also be hard to come by, depending on your Costco location, according to some recent some complaints on Twitter. Pork processing plants have been challenged by the same outbreak concerns as the chicken and beef industry, which is why some Costco locations are limiting the amount of pork you can purchase during your shopping trip. For more, check out these 5 Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make at Costco Right Now, and more sure to sign up for our newsletter for daily food shopping news.

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