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Costco Is Selling a Huge Heart-Shaped Cheesecake for Valentine's Day

Nothing screams romance quite like cheesecake and chocolate.

As if a Valentine's Day treat couldn't get any better than a chocolate cheesecake, mold it in the shape of a heart and you've reached another level of romantic gestures. You can gift your lover, best pal, or mom (we don't know your story) with this heart-shaped cheesecake by heading to Costco right now.

Reliable Instagram account @costcobuys spotted the chocolatey cheesecake at a Costco in Michigan, and apparently, it's also been seen at a few Indiana locations as well.

Unfortunately, not all U.S. Costco locations appear to supply Junior's delectable heart-shaped cheesecake, so it may be worth calling ahead to see if the one near you is selling it. And if it does, you're in luck, because the decadent dessert is only going for $19.99, which is $24 cheaper than what the original Junior's Cheesecake shop in New York City sells it for.

But if your local Costco doesn't have this cheesecake in stock, it might be worth the shipping cost. The heart-shaped cheesecake clocks in at three pounds and is covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with red stripes and chocolate morsels, making it the ultimate Valentine's Day treat.

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Worst case scenario: Your local Costco doesn't sell the heavenly New York-style cheesecake and you have to opt for some hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries instead.

Or, how about a red velvet bar cake?

No matter where you live, your local Costco is bound to be packing a few special Valentine's Day goodies. And speaking of the upcoming holiday, read up on the 10 Best Restaurant Deals & Promotions for Valentine's Day.

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