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The CDC Warns Coronavirus Deaths Will Spike in These Six States

If you live in any of these areas, continue to use caution when going out.
Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, Honolulu, Oahu Island, Hawaii

Besides distributing authoritative advice on how to protect yourself from COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also models out predictions for how many people will die from the virus, and where. Their latest projections, announced Friday, determined that "this week's national ensemble forecast suggests that there will likely be between 124,000 and 140,000 total reported COVID-19 deaths by July 4th." Keep reading to discover the states in which the number of new deaths "will likely exceed the number reported over the last four weeks," according to the CDC; all figures accurate as of this publishing date.



Phoenix, Ariz. / US - May 3, 2020: Wearing masks, State Capitol Police monitor Trump supporters rallying to "reopen" the economy from covid-19 safety restrictions.

The state has had 32,918 cases and 1,144 deaths. "Coronavirus infections are surging in Arizona. Hospitalizations are increasing and more people are dying since the state relaxed stay-at-home orders last month. But in one of the nation's COVID-19 hot spots, Gov. Doug Ducey is not requiring residents of the Grand Canyon state to wear masks in public, and it seems a good many people agree with him," reports the AP. "In shopping malls, restaurants and the crowded bar scenes of Scottsdale and Tempe, most patrons have disdained the use of cloth face masks that health officials advocate to help slow the spread of coronavirus." 



Little Rock, Arkansas, USA downtown skyline on the Arkansas River.

"Even if Arkansas saw its first COVID-19 case in March—and has had its share of 'super-spreader' events—experts painted a picture of communities there facing the pandemic's full fury for the first time," reports the Daily Beast. "It's part of a broad pattern in the U.S. of resurgent infections that are sweeping across many states,'" William Haseltine, a public health expert, and the president of the global health think tank ACCESS Health International, told the website. "We're about to see hospital systems in states like Arkansas…. begin to experience what we did in New York, with facilities being overwhelmed by this epidemic." The state has 11,547 cases and 171 deaths.




The state has 706 cases and only 17 deaths, so why is it on this list? "Memorial Day weekend and the recent protest against racial injustice that attracted 10,000 people to Hawaii's State Capitol are likely among the reasons why Hawaii is seeing a slight uptick in new COVID-19 cases, Lt. Gov. Josh Green said Friday," reports Honolulu Civil Beat. "This is the time to recommit ourselves to wear masks and social distancing," Green said, according to the website. "We're still waiting to see the effects of the nonviolent protests, which happened about seven days ago. I'd expect we're going to see a small surge because of close communication and some spread from large gatherings."


North Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA city skyline.

With 41,249 cases and 1,092 deaths, "North Carolina is experiencing a surge of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations during its second phase of reopening, forcing the state's health director to contend with the idea of a second shutdown," reports NPR. "If we need to go back to stay-at-home [orders], we will," Mandy Cohen, the secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, told NPR's Morning Edition on Thursday. "I hope we don't have to. I think there are things we can do before we have to get there, but yes, we are concerned."



"Though Utah reported no new deaths due to COVID-19 Saturday, the current spike of the virus has continued, with 404 new cases," reports the Salt Lake Tribune. "Since Memorial Day, the state has seen multiple days where new cases hit or surpassed 300 and a few where they were greater than 400. On June 6, a record 546 cases were reported." The state has 13,577 cases and 139 deaths. 



Montpelier, Vermont, USA town skyline in autumn.

Vermont officials are feeling pretty good about their numbers, with 1,119 cases and 55 deaths. "Our northern New England neighbors of New Hampshire and Maine continue to see case growth that is far higher than Vermont," said Michael Pieciak, commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation, who has led the state's modeling of the Covid-19 outbreak, according to VT Digger. However: "The state has had a higher number of cases in the past week than predicted by its most recent model, created on May 12. The outbreak marks the first time the number of Covid-19 cases has run above the state's models."


How You Can Stay Safe

A doctor in a protective suit taking a nasal swab from a person to test for possible coronavirus infection

No matter what state you're in, follow the CDC's advice to stop the transmission of COVID-19: wash your hands regularly; wear a face covering, which has been shown to be truly effective; practice social distancing and stay six feet away from others; get tested if you experience coronavirus symptoms; and to stay safe in your city, don't miss these Things You Should Never Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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