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Cristiano Ronaldo's Major Diss of Coca-Cola Cost the Soda Company $4 Billion

Spoiler alert: He's a big water fan.

Note to self—don't ever offer Cristiano Ronaldo a bottle of Coke.

The soccer superstar made it very clear he does not advocate drinking soda while at a Euro 2020 news conference. Ronaldo straight-up removed two Coca-Cola bottles that were in front of him as he down to speak at a press conference before his team's match against Hungary. Once he moved the sodas out of view, Ronaldo held up a bottle of water and let everyone know that is his drink of choice.

This decision to remove the Coca-Cola bottles? Well, it actually cost the beverage giant a ton of money.

Coca-Cola saw its shares fall 1.6% by the end of the press conference. Its market value also dropped by $4 billion. Yes, that's a b as in billion.

Big yikes.

Ronaldo is the captain of the Portugal team, and is hands-down one of the biggest sports stars on the planet. (Did we mention he happens to be the most followed person on Instagram, thanks to his 299 million followers? Casual.) Safe to say there are a lot of eyes on him at all times! He has always been an advocate of healthy eating and lives an extremely active lifestyle, and even his four children are fully aware their dad isn't a fan of sugary, processed foods.

"I'm hard with him sometimes because he drinks Coca-Cola and Fanta and he knows I get [mad], and with [the] chips, and fries and everything. I don't like it," Ronaldo said when once asked about his oldest son, Cristiano Jr., who laughed at his dad's response in the crowd. "Even my small kids, when they eat chocolate, they always look to me [and know how I feel]," Ronaldo added while imitating the face his kids make as they cautiously eat sweets around him. It takes hard work to be a top athlete, after all!

Despite his feelings about the company, Coca-Cola is indeed an official sponsor of Euro 2020. A Euro 2020 spokesperson did respond following Ronaldo's diss, saying, "players are offered water, alongside Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, on arrival at our press conferences" along with adding, "everyone is entitled to their drink preferences."

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