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The #1 Danger Lurking In Newly Opened Bars

Here's what you need to watch out for as bars reopen.

With bars reopening in many states, it's imperative that consumers take the initiative to protect themselves and others as they hop between pubs and clubs. Just because businesses are starting to welcome customers inside again doesn't mean that precautions should be neglected.

South Korea is a perfect example of why we should continue to practice social distancing and wear masks, especially in places you know will be crowded. When bars and nightclubs reopened in Seoul, a 29-year-old man had visited several establishments one evening and tested positive for coronavirus just a few days after. He is believed to be responsible for the 100 new cases that popped up shortly thereafter, as all of the people who tested positive were around the same vicinity and at the same time as the infected person.

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It goes without mention that the worst thing you can right now is walk into an overcrowded bar. As Dr. William Lang, Medical Director at WorldClinic said in a different Eat This, Not That! article, the biggest concern about restaurants and bars reopening is maintaining good social distancing practices. Let's not forget what happened in Wisconsin when the Supreme Court vetoed the extension of the state's shelter-in-place order. The Washington Post reported that the bars were packed wall-to-wall with people that same week.

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Dr. Lang said that precautions will need to be taken until we have a vaccine for the virus, which at the very earliest could come by January 2021. In the interim, consider visiting bars with an outdoor space to sit at and make sure to sit at least six feet apart from the nearest bar-goer.

In due time you'll be able to hang out with your pals again at your favorite bar, but until that time comes, it's important to prioritize your health as well as others. And be sure to check out The Worst Mistake You Can Make at a Reopened Bar for more insight.

Cheyenne Buckingham
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