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DAVIDsTEA Halloween Collection is a Tea Lover's Delight

A witch's brew, color-changing magic potions, and seasonal blends galore!

Are you a wizard? Do you wish you were a wizard? Us, too. When Halloween rolls around each year, we try to spookify every part of our lives, including our diets, which usually consist of several bags of sugar-laden, fun-sized chocolates.

But instead of tricking yourself to cut the treats this time around, enjoy other spooky things like making your tea magically change color—because that's just what wizards do.

In hopes of becoming less mortal, we were excited to stumble upon DAVIDsTEA Halloween Collection. For starters, the Magic Potion Tea Blend sounds delicious; it's made up of currants, apples, rosehips, raspberries, blackberries, stevia extract, natural kiwi blackberry and bilberry flavoring, and butterfly pea flowers. Butterfly pea flower is a unique Southeast Asian plant that lends it's magic touch to this brew. Because of the butterfly pea flower petals, your herbal tea brew will literally change color from indigo blue to a pink violet upon a squeeze of lemon. Of course, we want to believe it's our special touch, but it's actually the acid in the lemons you'll be juicing that makes it so technicolor.

Color changing tea butterfly pea flower lemon

In the Halloween Collection we were also drawn to the Witch's Brew tea, yes the name pulled us in quick, but we said, take all of my money, because of the delicious ingredients. Think cocoa beans and cocoa husks mixed with elderberry flower and blackberry leaves. If you look closely inside the tea mixture, you'll see orange candied witch hats and black bat-shaped sprinkles too, which is exactly what we'll be needing in preparation for the big day.

All in all, it's not a secret that tea is known to have all sorts of magic properties for weight loss—so if you weren't already sold enough, consider this your epiphanic moment to choose a tea brew over a bag of candy this Halloween.

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