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Dr. Fauci Just Issued This New Important Warning About Restaurants

Some states may need to rethink their reopening timelines.

Earlier this week we've hit the highest number of new coronavirus cases in the country, more than 60,000 in a single day. The rate of growing infections is even higher than it was back in March and April, which were considered to be the most critical months. States like Florida, Texas, and Arizona are in especially rough shape, significantly contributing to this daily number.

In fact, the situation is so concerning that another lockdown in these hotspot states may be our best course of action in getting the dire infection stats under control, according to Dr. Fauci's latest interview. "To reverse the trajectory, people and policy makers will need to step up," the nation's leading pandemic expert said during his appearance on Wall Street Journal's podcast on Wednesday.

When asked how we can quickly flatten the curve again, Fauci noted the hotspot states should "seriously consider" closing all the businesses again and having their citizens shelter at home. Particularly, he called on the states to shut down their bars and keep restaurant dining rooms either closed or adhering to strict limited capacities and social distancing rules. "We've gotta tighten things up. Close the bars, indoor restaurants either no or make it such that there's very good seating, make sure people wear masks, make sure they don't congregate in crowds, make sure they keep their distance," he noted.

While this feels like a deja vu blow to restaurant and bar businesses who faced governor mandated shutdowns in mid March, Fauci did note that a one-size-fits-all approach may not be necessary across the country or even all counties. "Since things are not equally happening in different regions, to have the same very dramatic response to it also has its downsides," he said.

The drastic uptick in numbers of certain states can be traced back to reopening strategies implemented through May and June—and Fauci agrees that certain states simply reopened too quickly. In some cases, the botched reopening was due to a lack of a nuanced approach in guidelines, while others who were trying to follow stricter reopening steps have failed due to citizens that ignored the rules. As a cautionary warning to states whose numbers are currently under control, the CDC's number one man said "be mindful of what happens when you open up and throw caution to the wind."

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