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This Fine Dining Eatery Is Moonlighting as a Burger Drive-Thru During Coronavirus

A Seattle-based restaurant is taking a creative approach to still serve customers.

A Seattle-based fine dining establishment is taking a very creative approach during the coronavirus outbreak: Turning into a burger drive-thru outlet.

The upscale Canlis restaurant is in the Queen Anne's neighborhood of Seattle is ceasing its regular business of serving diners James Beard Award-winning meals. Instead, the owners have decided to evolve their business into serving their community in a more useful way.

According to Eater Seattle, the fine-dining spot is temporarily changing its business plan:

"Instead of the high-end experience it's banked on for decades, the restaurant will offer diners three options: a takeout-only breakfast spot called The Bagel Shed, a pickup option with burgers called Drive On Thru, and a meal delivery service called Family Meal. Co-owner Mark Canlis tells Eater Seattle that orders for the latter will be placed via Tock with a delivery range of approximately 7 miles from the restaurant."

The owner explained his thinking in a Facebook post that noted: "fine dining is not what Seattle needs right now." Seattle was the first American city to deal with an official outbreak of COVID-19, and, as such, was also the first to react with alacrity. Canlis writes:

"Starting Monday we will close our restaurant and open three in its place: a breakfast bagel shed, a burger drive-thru for lunch, and a family meal dinner delivery service.

Fine dining is not what Seattle needs right now. Instead, this is one idea for safely creating jobs for our employees while serving as much of the city as we can. for all the details. We've got this, Seattle.

@ Canlis"

There are a lot of questions about food safety and coronavirus, and restaurants have struggled with business as more Americans are opting to stay home in hopes of avoiding COVID-19.

In a similar pivot to preserve sales, a New York restaurant has removed seats so that diners have more space between one another in hopes of lowering the risk of getting sick.

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