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You Won't Believe What's Missing At The New Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts? More like Dumpin' Donuts—but don't worry, only from their name.

No, your favorite donut company isn't having an identity crisis. They're just trying to decide whether they want to be called "Dunkin'" from now on by testing this new name at a location in Pasadena, California. The popular donut and coffee chain plans to try it out at a few other stores as well but won't make their official decision until late next year, which is when they expect to start doing some redesigning.

But don't worry—just because they're axing donuts from the name doesn't mean they're axing tasty treats from the menu. Their donuts will still be there and will still not belong on our list of 15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas.

The reason for the name change? Dunkin' wants to be known for their coffee. They may be the number one donut retailer in the country with other 100 flavors listed on their site, but they sell 30 cups of joe on average every second and beverages have been their main sell for awhile. In 2012, espressos, Dunkacinnos, sweet teas, and their two dozen other drinks accounted for 58% of all sales nationwide.

This comes just after a recent menu change announcement, which also reflects the company's shifted focus to coffee. At certain test locations, they'll be cutting a large chunk of their beloved bagels and breakfast sandwiches, which means more room for mochas on the menu. Donuts are safe (for now, at least) so don't panic if you drive by a Dunkin' storefront missing half its name.