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The Surprising Way Earl Grey Tea Can Help You Look Younger

If you haven't given this kind of tea a try, it's time to start.

What if we told you that you can slow down the aging process just by stepping into your local cafe? One of the most popular brews, Earl Grey tea, is made with a black tea base and oil of bergamot—an essential oil extracted from the Bergamot orange rind that's praised for its countless health benefits and anti-aging properties.

According to a PloS One Journal study, bergamot oil increases autophagy—the process in which your body rids itself of damaged cells, keeping you young and preventing ailments such as cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, diabetes, liver disease, autoimmune diseases, and infections. What's more, a study in the Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity journal found that supplementing with bergamot juice resulted in anti-aging and antioxidant responses.

Wondering how to get more bergamot oil into your life?

"An easy way to incorporate it into you life is to simply drink Earl Grey tea," Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, tells us. "Earl Grey provides a lot of health benefits: Black tea contains many flavonoids (antioxidants) that help fight disease and illness. Black teas also contain fluoride, which can help to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. Studies also show that drinking three cups of black tea daily can help to decrease LDL cholesterol and therefore decrease overall chances of heart disease." And the benefits don't end there.

"Bergamot oil is great for the skin, more specifically for scarring such as stretch marks, chicken pox, acne scars, and cold sores. It also helps to even out skin tone and is a popular ingredient in skin care items and makeup because of this," Shapiro says. Besides clearing your skin and helping you look years younger, this magical ingredient in Earl Grey tea can also help flatten your tummy. "It is a great natural diuretic, so it can decrease bloating," Shapiro says. Whether you drink Earl Grey or apply skincare products infused with the oil, there are many ways you can get more bergamot oil into your everyday routine.

Next time you step into your local Starbucks or coffee shop, skip the vanilla latte and go for the Earl Grey tea. If you're not in the mood for a piping hot sip, try steeping a tea bag, pouring over ice, and then tossing it into a homemade smoothie for extra antioxidant powers and a refreshing flavor!

Plus, you can always buy a pack of Earl Grey tea to enjoy at home (this one's an Amazon Choice pick). Whether you're a tea lover or just starting out experimenting with different blends, the mild taste of Earl Grey is a welcome addition to your pantry. Consider this your new go-to beverage for better skin and a whole host of health benefits!

April Benshosan
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