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The Einstein Bros. Bagelrito Will Soon Be Available Nationwide

It's the best of both worlds, truly.

After a successful test run in the Denver area, the Bagelrito is coming to an Einstein Bros. near you. Starting next week, the food mashup will be available across the United States.

If you thought inventive food mashups had died down after the cronut craze, think again. There's a new breakfast food on the scene, and the Bagelrito is just as out-there as it sounds. The Einstein Bros. creation is essentially a wrapped-up version of a breakfast sandwich on a toasted bagel.

What is the Einstein Bros. Bagelrito?

The sandwich features eggs, turkey sausage, bacon, cheese, hash browns, chilies, and salsa, all baked inside of a bagel. There's an extra layer of carbs, too: The whole thing is wrapped in a tortilla and then baked in bagel dough. Essentially, it really is a burrito inside a bagel, hence the product name.

Where can you get the Bagelrito?

After selling out at five Einstein Bros. locations in Colorado, the Bagelrito is launching nationwide on February 27. So if you can't decide between a breakfast sandwich and a bagel, you can soon have it all with this mashup sandwich.

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The Bagelrito isn't the first time Einstein Bros. has ventured into categories outside of traditional bagels. Last May, the chain offered a mac and cheese bagel, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a bagel with real mac and cheese baked into the top. There were even new breakfast sandwich options designed to pair well with the cheesy bagels. So the new Bagelrito isn't totally out of left field for the brand. Still, it's probably unlike any other fast-food sandwich you've had before—and if you're a bagel lover, it's worth a try. Even if it doesn't become your go-to breakfast sandwich, don't you want to be able to say that you've tried the Bagelrito at least once in your life?

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