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Fans Are Petitioning to Bring Back This Discontinued Soda From Coca-Cola

The beloved soda has been around for 94 years.

Coca-Cola announced in July that it would cut about 200 drink brands by the end of the year. While the beverage giant didn't disclose all of the less-profitable brands getting the ax, it did reveal some of the labels set to disappear from grocery store shelves. One brand, in particular, has accumulated quite the cult following in Virginia—and fans are actively petitioning to bring it back.

Northern Neck Ginger Ale debuted in Montross in 1926, and Coca-Cola later acquired the brand in 2001. The soda is named after Virginia's Northern Neck, which extends between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers. In mid-October, Coca-Cola said it would officially discontinue the 94-year-old brand, as well as other regional offerings like the grape-flavored Delaware Punch. (Related: 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

Since the news dropped, at least three petitions have been issued begging Coca-Cola to reconsider or sell the ginger ale formula to another company. Even Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has gotten involved, and he's publicly expressed his disapproval on social media.

Business Insider reached out to Coca-Cola spokesperson Kate Hartman, who confirmed that the company had also heard from Northam. Nonetheless, the beverage giant has no plans to take Northern Neck Ginger Ale off of the chopping block.

"We know there is a great affinity for the product locally, and we are deeply grateful to the thousands of Virginians who have been loyal consumers since 1926," Hartman wrote to the outlet. "With this loyalty in mind, I want to assure you that we did not make this decision lightly."

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