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Your Fitness Genes: How to Get Tested for Them

Talk about a breakthrough...
Your Fitness Genes: How to Get Tested for Them

Ever wonder how marathon runners can carry their bodies for 26 non-stop miles and finish smiling—but you can barely push yourself through one? You might be lacking the ACE I allele or the aerobic and endurance allele.

What the what? Allow us to explain. There are about 15 genes connected to physical performance, metabolic efficiency, and sleep. Luckily for you, this means that while you may not be meant for long-distance running, you could just possibly posses the ACE D allele, or the strength and power performance gene AKA, which means you would do better as a Crossfitter. Of course, there are a lot of things you have control of; make sure you’re not guilty of these 25 Things You Did Today That Ruined Your Metabolism!

The health benefits of genetic mapping have been making headlines all year. And thanks to companies like 23andME, the Fitness Genes and Blueprint for Athletes (coming soon), any average person can obtain valuable insight about thier genetic profiles, which in turn gives them a better understanding of their bodies and limitations. It’s a whole new perspective on your overall health and fitness goals!

Here’s how the at home genetic testing works: For $199, Fitness Genes ships you a DNA Performance Kit with a plastic tube, which you spit into and ship back. Once it is tested in their labs, you access your results on a web portal, along with a detailed description of each particular genetic variation. Fitness Genes then uses this information and your physiological data to generate personalized training and nutritional plans. According to Dan Reardon, MD-trainer, CEO and founder of Fitness Genes, the company “specialize[s] in showing you how you should exercise and eat based on your DNA.” He continues, “We deliver information about genetic results and then tailor plans based on these variations.”

We’re all bombarded with with diets and meal plans promising rapid weight loss. And we know that we possess a completely different set of genes than our coworkers and friends. Yet when we see them losing weight, we can’t help but think about jumping on whatever bandwagon they’re aboard. And then we are often disappointed when we don’t see the same results. So, a little science to help reason with ourselves is pretty intriguing!

While this peak into our genetic blueprints seems extremely beneficial, it still begs the question: Does this kind of gene mapping allow you to take your health to the next level—or is it telling us things we probably already know? At this point in our lives, it’s not so shocking if we possess the gene for a slower metabolism, quick muscle reflexes, or a dairy allergy. But our curiosity is piqued—especially if it means making better, more effective decisions toward optimal health and performance.


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