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6 Foods You’re Not Washing—But Should Be

Don’t let harmful bacteria and pesticides ruin your otherwise stellar weight loss plan.
6 Foods You’re Not Washing—But Should Be

You know that you need to wash apples and cucumbers before slicing them up and popping them in your mouth, but there are plenty of other foods that you probably aren’t washing that are covered in bacteria. To avoid food poisoning and exposure to bacteria that can leave you feeling less than great, give the list below a good read. You’ll likely discover that there are a number of foods in your daily diet that you aren’t washing that really should be given an aggressive rinse before you eat ‘em.

Melon, Avocado & Citrus Fruit

Despite their tough skins, melon like cantaloupe and honeydew should be scrubbed clean before you cut them open. The same rule holds true for things like avocado and citrus fruit. It may seem like a waste of time to wash inedible skin, but the minute you puncture it with a knife, any dirt or bacteria on the surface can contaminate the yummy edible parts. So, before you start slicing away, make sure you wash the skin so it’s squeaky-clean!

Organic Berries

Ever since strawberries were named the most pesticide-covered fruit by The Environmental Working Group (EWG), you’ve been careful to buy organic. (Federal regulations prohibit the use of toxic pesticides on these crops.) But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be washed. Run strawberries and all other organic berries under cool water and dry them with a towel immediately before chomping away to reduce your exposure to harmful bacteria.

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Grab-n-Go Drinks

Whether you’re reaching for can of soda, an organic energy drink, or a can of sparkling Bai, you’ll want to clean off the lid before taking a sip. Why? Canned drink lids are often exposed to dirt and other noxious particles during the manufacturing and transferring processes. To stay safe, wipe down the lid with a wet paper towel, or better yet, clean the top and then pour your drink into a glass.

Jarred & Canned Goods

And speaking of lids, you will want to clean the tops of canned goods like jams and beans, too. Believe it or not, after you’ve opened a jar or can, harmful particles can make their way inside the container. Yuck! To avoid this, simply wash off lids with water before cracking them open. Also, if you need to use a can opener be sure to wash it with dish soap before each use.

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